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Providence Heat Blaster HBL-3

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Providence Heat Blaster HBL-3

Codice: 4-PROHEAT
Marca: Providence
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Providence Heat Blaster HBL-3
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Providence Heat Blaster HBL-3

The Providence HBL-2 Heat Blaster pedal is designed to deliver a modern distortion sound that is rich in harmonics and has a fast attack high-gain tube distortion in a compact pedal. This is a sound that won't get buried in any band. What's more, the HBL-2 does not produce the excessive compression that can be a problem with many distortion pedals, for exceptionally natural response. The Heat Blaster is ideal for use with the clean channel of a multi-channel amplifier.

In standard“true bypass” circuits the instrument signal passes through two switch contacts when bypassed. The HBL-2 Single Contact True Bypass configuration ensures that the signal only passes through one switch contact when bypassed, for unmatched signal quality as well as reliability.

A NORMAL/LOW CUT switch provide convenient low-frequency control. When set to the LOW CUT position the low frequencies are attenuated for a crisp, tight distortion sound. The LOW CUT position is also useful for subduing excessive lows when using a 7-string or tuned-down guitar.

In addition to indicating the pedal's on/off status, the HBL-2 LED provides effective visual battery power monitoring. When the battery voltage drops below 7 volts the LED will become dimmer and begin to go out. The effect will still operate at this voltage, but to ensure optimum performance the battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

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